Mobilier Urbain

Specially designed for communities, TIBAM Street Furniture (TIBAM MU) offers multiple uses that can combined : gabion, high-capacity garden, and street furniture.

Because of its size TIBAM MU can also be an important tool to communicate events in the city: Recycled support, recyclable, environmentally responsible, manoeuvrable with a simple pallet truck.

The TIBAM MU are delivered in kits or pre-assembled, the sides can accommodate ornamental pebbles or rocks for a quality finish.

Mobile Route Separators


To isolate and delineate a temporary work zone, with effective signage without the need for heavy handling equipment, TIBAM Mobile Route Separators (TIBAM SVM) turns safety in the form of an impenetrable barrier.

Stackable for storage, they advantageously replace concrete barriers and adhere to the AGENDA 21 communities procedures (reduced carbon footprint).

TIBAM SVM products are involved in the recycling process.

Manoeuvrable using a simple pallet truck.
Stackable over several levels.
Recyclable and recycled products, kits or assembled.
Loadable ornaments, multiple applications.
Ideal for communities and individual gardens with plants to be wintered.
Warranty 3 years