Dedicated to the Master who wished to get involved in projects where recycling, ecology and economy are the guidelines, the SYLCAT® Kit allows architects to express themselves and to create housing with an unbeatable price per square meter and unparalleled construction rates.

The SYLCAT® Kit makes use of bio-bio-based materials or recycled for insulation and achieves unmatched performance.

The ease of implementation allows a layman to achieve up to 100 m² framing walls in the day with a reduced tooling to its simplest expression: a screwdriver, a hammer, a saw, a level and string

The SYLCAT ® kit assembly parts transform the pallet into a building block or interlocking takes place intuitively, allowing the passage of service ducts (fluid, energy, networks, ...) easily.


Home builders will find this bed the ability to simply and quickly produce wooden construction projects requiring only limited financial resources, light foundations, and attainable alone!